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Party Walls.Party Wall etc Act.Free Advice?.FAQ's.NEWS.Contact & Links.



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What Now?


If you decide you need professional advice we offer an initial free of charge consultation (* see note under Welcome on “Party Walls” page) but this can only be for relatively simple queries due to time constraints. No premium rate calls and a good old fashioned service. Take care when using free notices from the internet as some will tie you into using the company offering them and if served incorrectly could be invalid.


If you have been served with a notice then do not ignore it since this will merely delay the inevitable. A failure to respond, in writing, to a notice within 14 days is, under the Act deemed to be a dissent.  Failure to co-operate will result in a legally binding Award being agreed without your input or consultation. This is not beneficial to you. You cannot use the Act to stop your neighbour building.


Need More Information?


If you wish to use a Party Wall Surveyor please contact us and we shall be happy to assist you.  If you are unable to reach agreement with your neighbour you may need to appoint a Surveyor to act for you as you cannot act for yourself if there is a dispute. If neighbours cannot agree the works after service of the appropriate notices it is then  automatically deemed that a dispute has arisen and Section 10 of the Act comes into action. An owner cannot act for him/herself in a dispute.

Who Pays?


The costs normally fall to the Building Owner, however, there are instances where this is not the case. This is too complex to cover in detail in a short paragraph.


Are there time  limits?


There are strict time limits which trigger the next step if you fail to respond to notices. Act as soon as a notice has been served. If you need help contact a Chartered Surveyor who is experienced in Party Wall matters.

Above adjacent works.



Sheet piling in place

Trial pit to determine the position and depth of foundations.